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Trusted Remote Power Supply Units Manufacturer

When you need power for your remote sensing equipment, turn to KB energy to have the power supply you need. As a remote power supply units manufacturer, we design and build RPS units for a variety of applications. Our RPS’s are developed for remote locations in some of the harshest environments. Whether you are working in the far north, a remote desert, or any other remote area, our power supplies are ideal for your applications.

Additionally, we can customize our systems to meet your specific needs and also offer helicopter-deployable setups for use in the most remote regions. To learn more about our remote power supply units for lidar reach out to our office. 

Tundra Model KPS

Our Models

At our company, we offer a variety of power supply models for various climates and applications. Some of these models include:

TUNDRA - Designed for use in the coldest temperatures, this unit supplies 24-volts for all your northern met tower installations. This unit features a large solar array, a dual permanent magnet wind turbine, and a propane generator.

Lidar Trailer System Helicopter Deployable

Fremont Model RPS

Fremont Model RPS - This unit offers up to 5000 watts of power from its vast solar array. It also has a backup propane generator to maintain its power output even when there is not a lot of sun time. This unit also features advanced monitoring to keep track of power draw and the generator’s status.


High Plains RPS

High Plains RPS - Features a large wind turbine to complement its expandable solar array, making it ideal as a solar resource assessment station set up and allows for constant power in any condition. 

Mojave Model RPS - Similar to the high plains model, except that it does not have the wind turbine. Both the Mojave and High-plains RPS’s feature system health reports for tracking voltages and system status.

All of our RPS’s are designed for use in remote climates, and many can be installed on an easy to transport trailer. It lets you quickly install your RPS to begin your tilt-up met tower services and other remote sensing applications.

Contact us when you need a remote generating station for your wind and weather sensing needs. We proudly serve clients throughout the United States.