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Remote Power Supply

Tundra Model KPS


This is the TUNDRA model RPS. A rugged, dependable and efficient power supply for delivering 24 Volt DC power to your lidar, FAA lights  or heated sensors in the toughest places.

TUNDRA is powered by a large solar array, a dual permanent magnet wind turbine, and a propane powered generator.

Our TUNDRA’s have been deployed in northern Quebec, Alaska, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

It’s easy to deploy your remote sensing devices using KB Energy’s TUNDRA power supply. To accommodate deep snow and provide security, we have roof mount options plus an unlimited number of custom solutions to meet your needs.

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Custom Design

This lidar is placed atop the RPS skid mounted enclosure to avoid problems with deep snow.

Trailer System

Trailer Systems

Our trailer system is used with either a roof mount or a 50’ cord to place the lidar in the desired location.

Helicopter Deployable

Helicopter Deployable

Skid mount units are designed to be flown into remote sites.


Fremont Model RPS

Fremont Model RPS

Over 5000 Watts of solar power are on this massive solar array.  Designed with a backup propane powered generator that autonomously monitors battery bank voltage during low insolation months.
System health report shows PV power, lidar power draw, heat trace power draw and generator status.
Alarms to indicate low voltage and remote control for generator from anywhere.
Easy to deploy with hydraulic arms that lift the top array into position and actuators lift the side arrays to easily secure the bracing arms.


High Plains RPS

High Plains & Mojave Model RPS

The only difference between the Mojave and the High Plains is the wind turbine. Mojave is designed based around the location that it is deployed. The High plains RPS shown here has a large 1000W wind turbine which helps compliment the solar array. Expandable to 6 PV panels, this trailer mount system has what it takes to provide power for Midwestern and semi-Northern climes. Both the High Plains and the Mojave also offer a system health report showing system voltages and statuses. Alarms can be set to indicate low/high voltages or high/low temps. Easy to deploy with one person, the tower uses a cantilever system to raise the turbine and the array is small enough one person can lift it into position.

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