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Tilt-Up Met Tower Services

With over 20 years in the wind energy industry, we have vast experience in all aspects, including development, construction, and O&M. Not only that, but we are landowners with 60 turbines on the family ranch. However, our forte is wind resource assessment. We know how to erect all of the tilt-up met towers that are being built today, and we were the first certified 80-meter installer in the US. We have installed or worked on over 1,500 towers since our business began in 2000. As such, KB Energy, LLC is the trusted source for companies that are developing new products. We can help provide the service and feedback needed for beta sensor/tower testing. Contact us today to learn more tilt-up met tower services.

Tilt Up

What We Do

Met towers are used to measure and collect wind data, such as wind speed, direction, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and the vertical component of wind. This information is collected by a data logger at the base of the tower where it is stamped in 10-minute intervals to a data card every hour. Met towers are used by wind developers both large and small, landowners who want to know their own resource, and government agencies and companies wishing to expand into the wind energy industry.

At KB Energy, we help with the new construction of met towers and the relocating, refitting, and decommissioning of tilt-up met towers up to 80 meters in height. Whether you have a 20-meter tower to measure wind for a small, residential turbine or a multiple, 80-meter tower job in a foreign country, we are up to the task. We have installed towers in some of the most remote areas of the continent, in the most inhospitable of conditions. KB Enegry fabricates custom wind, solar and fuel cell powered remote power supplies.

What We Offer

Take advantage of our tower leasing program. It works well with individuals or smaller companies without the large budget to fund a tower purchase. Why worry about buying a tower and dealing with maintenance and cellular costs when you can wrap it all into one and use it for the time that you need? Purchase is available for every tower.

We also provide data collection. We offer data compilation, as well as analysis (utilizing WindPro).

New Services:

  • SODAR Lease Program
  • Solar Resource Assessment Station Setup
  • Central/Latin America and Caribbean Tilt-Up Met Tower Services
LR 80 Meter Tower Install, Tilt-Up Met Tower Services