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The wind energy industry has long been an integral component for clean energy, and we a reliable source that provides data for all companies that use it. Thank you for your interest; KB Energy is dedicated to continuously acquiring accurate wind data, installing tower placement, and providing the best wind resource assessment services.

Our company has over 20 years of experience catering to our client's daily needs. We'll be happy to assist you with meteorological towers and assess the data that it collects. You can expect an accurate analysis of the towers for your business. We offer leasing options to our clients so that they are not barred from the best technology; our wind resource assessment services will be at your disposal when you decide to lease with us. Contact us today to request a quote or make any inquiries about our towers and wind resource assessment services. We'll be happy to provide the following services:

  • Tilt-Up Tower Leasing, Following Industry Standard Guidelines
  • New Tilt-Up Tower Installs, Refits And Decommissions
  • Lidar Deployment, Maintenance, Leasing
  • Data Logger And Modem Maintenance, Service, Installation
  • Remote Power Supply Designed For Nearly Any Climate
  • Remote Power Supply Trailer Leasing
  • Met Tower Sales & Leasing
  • Triton Sodar Tier III Certified
  • Campbell Scientific Trained

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