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State-of-the-Art Meteorological Towers

When collecting meteorological data, you must have the right equipment for the job. At KB energy, we offer various top-tier meteorological towers that can be customized to meet your specific needs. These towers are perfect for collecting various information, including wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and the vertical component of wind. Additionally, our company has over 20 years of experience working on meteorological equipment. It provides tilt-up tower services to help with the installation of your tower. Contact us to learn more about the towers we have to offer or to discuss the other NRG systems we have available.

Working with You in Wind Farming

The farming we help you do is different from the traditional. Our company supplies you with what you need to develop successful wind farms and produce a healthy crop of breezes to provide plenty of power. Harnessing wind energy is a practical and sustainable method of filling our ever-growing need for electricity. This process doesn’t damage the Earth and poses no environmental harm.

Essentially what it requires is meteorological tower installation to collect and store essential data. The data offers vital information for planning and includes numbers that are critical to weather forecasting. We provide services that help you to analyze this data so that you can make profitable business decisions.

From the met towers, you get information about the wind and weather. This helps those who want to start wind farms to find suitable locations for their turbines. Data is the key to success for wind farms, for it determines equipment placement. By installing met towers, you can measure and forecast wind resources.

We provide equipment, data collection and analysis, and power supplies to empower you to get the information you need. Our wind resource assessment services help you make good decisions to meet your project goals.

Supporting the Wind Energy Sector

Our met towers are essential to the wind energy industry. By providing accurate wind and weather data, we can assist energy providers with determining the best locations to install wind turbines. Our towers can also help with the operations of your wind farm, providing you with ongoing meteorological data that is accurate and precise. Additionally, we offer various remote power supplies to keep your met tower powered in even the most isolated locations. So whether you are looking for a new site to construct a wind farm or you need to gather weather data in a remote environment, trust KB Energy to provide you with the solution you need.