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Met Tower Services

Here at KB Energy LLC, we know that the best decisions are the ones backed by comprehensive and reliable information. As the scope of a project increases, so does the value of the data related to the job--and nowhere is this truer than in the planning and installation of Meteorological or "Met" towers. When it comes to tilt-up Met tower services, depend on KB Energy LLC.   

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Tilt Up

Meteorological Towers

Meteorological (met) towers are the preferred bankable method for collecting wind data, including speed, direction, temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, and the vertical component of wind. 

Over Two Decades of Experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of the wind resource assessment, including construction, operations, maintenance, lidar, sodar and data analysis.

We are proud to have been the first certified installer of 80-meter towers in the country.  We have developed many innovations that are used today in the industry, including the K-Bat acoustic rigging designed for hoisting bat monitoring equipment from the ground to the monitoring height with ease.

What We Do

Depend on us to:

  • Installation of Meteorological Towers
  • Leasing of Meteorological Towers
  • Relocate, Refit, and Decommission Towers Up to 80-Meters
  • Remote Power Supply Trailer Leasing and Sales
  • K-Bat Acoustic Rigging Systems Installation and Sales
  • Data collection and analysis

The Economical Solution

Met towers don’t have to consume your entire resource assessment budget. At KB Energy LLC, we support private individuals and companies who may not have the resources/budget to maintain a permanent tower which costs up to ~$35k per tower installed. Our tower leasing option is the perfect cost effective alternative. These lease packages include everything you need--and only for the duration of time that you need it. You’ll save time and money. Call now to request a quote.  We use industry standard and IEC approved equipment and methods to collect your bankable data.

LR 80 Meter Tower Install, Tilt-Up Met Tower Services