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Superior Tilt-Up Met Tower Services

Collect accurate data and conserve energy with our tilt-up met tower services. Wind as a renewable resource is a great investment for any business, and our met tower installations provide you with valuable data about the weather, from wind speed to humidity. You can count on us to handle your tilt-up met tower project with the care and attention to detail necessary to ensure the installation is completed quickly and efficiently.

KB Energy offers a variety of energy conservation services. We also manufacture remote power supply units for LIDAR. Additionally, for tilt-up met towers that require K-BAT Bioacoustic rigging, we can design and produce that as well. Our broad array of services includes:

  • NRG Systems Tilt-up Tower Services, Communications, Data Loggers, & Special Requests
  • Zephir & Windcube Lidar Deployment
  • Campbell Scientific Trained Technicians-- SCADA/Met Tower Tie-Ins
  • Wind, Solar, & Fuel-Cell-Powered Remote Power Supply Design, Manufacturing, & Leasing
  • Met Tower Sales & Leasing
  • Triton SODAR Tier III Certified

Planning Met Tower Installations

When you choose us, we’ll get to work right away. The first step is reaching out to local wind energy developers to gather data and determine the feasibility of a wind farm in the area. We’ll need to assess the presence of private companies, landowners, and government agencies. Once we have that information, we can start making plans for how best to use the land and the placement of turbines.

Safety-Driven & Dedicated to Our Clients

Your project is handled with the utmost care because we make safety our top priority. KB Energy is a preferred met tower installer of many wind resource assessment companies, and one of the most respected professionals in the industry. Keeping our employees safe is important to us, and with more than 2,500 towers successfully installed, we strive to maintain that reputation.

There are many options for tilt-up met tower services, but it only makes sense to turn to us, where we’ve garnered praise and a record for quality workmanship and excellent service. We’re constantly improving to meet the needs of every client. When you’re searching for superior met tower installations, look no further than our company.

Contact us for an estimate on our tilt-up met tower services. We proudly serve clients primarily in the Western United States, but will gladly travel nationwide to meet your needs.


Contact us today to discuss the installation of your met tower. Headquartered in Rock River, Wyoming, we serve clients across the country.

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