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Wind Resource Assessment Company

We know how critical wind and meteorological data are to the analytical side of your wind energy project.   We have 20 years of experience that help us to provide to our clients the precision and understanding that should goes into your wind study.  You can count on us to handle everything from the placement of your tower, to the handling of your sensors, to the management of your data with the care and attention to detail necessary to insure that bankable data is collected accurately and efficiently.

KB Energy offers a variety of met tower related service solutions to handle any challenge that you may face in your wind study campaign. 

We also manufacture Mobile Remote Power Supply trailer units for any DC powered purpose including lidar, FAA lights and heated instrumentation. Additionally, for tilt-up met towers or lattice met towers that require bat monitoring , we proudly offer our pat. pend. K-Bat acoustic rigging that is built in house and 100% guaranteed!

Array of services include:

  • Tilt up tower leasing, following industry standard guidelines
  • New tilt up tower installs, refits and decommssions
  • Lidar deployment, maintenance, leasing
  • Data logger and modem maintenance, service, installation
  • Remote Power Supply designed for nearly any climate
  • Remote Power Suppy trailer leasing
  • Met Tower Sales & Leasing
  • Triton SODAR Tier III Certified
  • Campbell Scientific Trained
Safety-Driven & Dedicated to Our Clients

Your project is handled with the utmost care because we make safety our top priority. KB Energy is a preferred met tower installer of many wind resource assessment companies, and one of the most respected professionals in the industry. Keeping our employees safe is important to us, and with more than 12,500 towers successfully installed, we strive to maintain that reputation.

Why KB?

Our mission statement: KB Energy is a proud faith based family owned Wyoming  business, devoted to providing excellence to our clients by embodying the code of the west: holding ourselves to the highest standards of accountability and integrity.

Contact us for an estimate on our tilt-up met tower services. We proudly serve clients primarily in the Western United States, but will gladly travel nationwide to meet your needs.


Contact us today to discuss the installation of your met tower. Headquartered in Arlington, Wyoming, we serve clients across the country.

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